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The Significance of Mental Health for Healthcare Workers

Burnout and stress, coupled with long work hours and personal responsibilities have continuously impacted the mental health of dedicated healthcare workers. It is imperative for us to realize this issue in the healthcare community, as it has been rising due to the ongoing pandemic. Medical workers who have been experiencing negative effects on their mental health such as burnout, depression, and anxiety have linked their mental health to low job satisfaction and increased medical errors. Overall, these negative effects prevent medical professionals from delivering their best quality of healthcare.

As students, we all experience forms of burnout, anxiety, or alternative mental health issues during our journey into the healthcare field. Unfortunately, these issues do not end when we begin our professional careers which is why it is crucial to address them immediately. In fact, it has been found that physician burnout, which is defined as the “emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and decreased sense of personal accomplishment,” has been extremely prevalent. These feelings stem from their demanding profession as well as personal responsibilities. Physicians surpass a 40 hour week, spending the majority of their time away from their families and in the intense hospital setting. Additionally, even with days off, doctors are responsible for the well-being of their patients 24/7. Thus, the ability to maintain a work-life harmony proves to be one of the biggest challenges physicians face. Without maintaining this balance, it has been proven that the quality of healthcare is decreased due to the increase in medical errors from healthcare professionals experiencing burnout.

Quality healthcare is only possible if the mental and physical health of the medical professionals in our community is prioritized. Medical professionals who prioritize their well-being will be able to serve their community much more effectively. Additionally, as future medical professionals, we must realize that the impacts of poor mental health will only negatively affect the members of our community that we strive to heal. Just as it is important to prioritize the health of all individuals, it is just as imperative to keep your mind in its best condition. Mental health matters!

Thank you for reading,

Ilana Saidov


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