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This program is done in collaboration with the Premed Peers organization. We are giving out more exciting content for our premeds! These workshops will be responsible for giving insight into how to take on the MCAT. We see this as a wonderful opportunity for our community to gain access to MCAT resources for free and be able to better prepare themselves in advance of taking the MCAT. Make sure you're subscribed to our website!

Past MCAT Workshops

Session 1: Introduction to the MCAT

Session 2: Biology & Biochemistry Section


Session 3: Chemistry and Physics Section

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Session 4: Biochemistry Section

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Good Grades
Tutors have scored in the 95th percentile of the MCAT

Premed Peers

Premed Peers is a volunteer-based organization that provides free tutoring services and affordable resources for pre-med students, including free MCAT tutoring sessions, premed mentoring, resume editing, and more! Premed Peers provides free MCAT tutoring and resources from tutors that have scored in the 95th percentile in the subjects they are tutoring. Their mission is to make the MCAT prep more affordable and accessible and create a new platform to engage students in the process of their prep as well as encourage them to learn from each other and have fun during their premed journey!

Affordable and accessible MCAT resources
Japanese Calendar
Monthly sessions with The Premed Scene!
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