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The year is 2085. The world has been struck by a pandemic with a virus more infectious than ever before. It is your job to devise a solution to slow the spread of the virus and mitigate its effects. 

You may only consider the information stated below when creating your solution. Your solution may be a biochemical, biomedical, engineering, public health, or political/legal solution. You can build off of current research and knowledge of the current monkeypox pandemic and previous TB outbreaks, for this virus is similar in nature to Tuberculosis and Monkeypox (more information below).

Your results will be different per team, because this virus is not on Google. You may refer to it as TB Pox. 


First Place: Antonia Duffey, Aishwarya Ravichandra, Esha Natu, and Julia Shellira

Second Place: Jannatul Olima, Sahithi Thankikanti, Jamun Mahamud, and Nafisa Promi

Third Place: Muntha Zaman, Tasnia Raka, and Chelsea Yax-Marroquin

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