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110% Worth It ~ Madison’s Miracle

Madison was only six months old when she experienced a symptom related to a stroke she had in utero. During the third trimester of her mother's pregnancy, an ultrasound revealed a stroke and a lack of a septum pellucidum. The mother was told that her child could be born with several health issues, such as blindness and abnormal hormone levels that can impede growth.

Miraculously, the baby girl was born with perfect vision, normal hormone levels, and no visible issues with her growth. However, after six months, Madison’s mother noticed that her daughter was unable to crawl. Therefore, at three years old, Madison started constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) at the Cleveland Clinic. The program aimed to serve anyone with neurological impairment in one arm, just like Madison. During the rehabilitation program, the unaffected arm is placed in a cast for three weeks to retrain the brain to use the other arm. The method utilized group exercises such as yoga and swimming to teach children how to use both arms.

Today, Madison is six years old and has regained most of the function of her right hand. Madison’s mother expressed how even though it was difficult to watch her daughter go through intensive therapy, it was worth seeing her daughter regain function in her arms. Madison’s family was 110% committed to her treatment and now see how it was also 110% worth it.

Thank you for reading,

Ilana Saidov



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