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App Measures Mediterranean Diet Adherence

When one thinks of medicine, they often do not consider the multiplicative effects one’s nutrition has on human health. One’s diet plays a substantial role in mediating overall health, contributing to issues such as high blood pressure and obesity. A type of diet that has been gaining much recognition for its varying health benefits is the Mediterranean-style diet. A Mediterranean diet is one that is heavy in foods that are more plant-based, unsaturated fats, and fish but lower in meats that are processed. In addition to the human health benefits, however, such a diet is also an economically and environmentally-sustainable option, consequently appealing to policymakers.

Monitoring one’s health has become increasingly popular over time as well, with a number of applications being developed in order to do such. Because of the significant role of a Mediterranean diet in impacting one’s health particularly, researchers developed an app known as “YourPappa” to assist users in tracking their level of adherence to a Mediterranean-style diet.

With regard to study design, the researchers conducted a randomized controlled study with approximately 50 participants utilizing the app for about four months. In addition to the app, information was collected via additional means. This included a food frequency questionnaire, or FFQ, a Medi-Lite questionnaire assessing Mediterranean diet adherence, and a questionnaire evaluating psychophysical state. At the conclusion of the study, it was found that the app allowed users to reflect more closely on what they would purchase and assisted individuals with tracking their Mediterranean diet adherence,

The general success of the application has implications for more widespread utilization in the future. Such an app could assist with monitoring health to the extent of preventing the development of health issues such as obesity.

Thank you so much for reading!

- Aprile Bertomo

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