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SARS-Cov-2? No, PC 2070.

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The year is 2070. The world has been struck by a pandemic with a virus more infectious than ever before. It is your job to devise a solution to slow the spread of the virus and mitigate its effects. 


You may only consider the information stated below when creating your solution. Your solution may be a biochemical, biomedical, engineering, public health, or political/legal solution. You can build off of current research and knowledge of the current coronavirus pandemic, for this virus is similar in nature to COVID-19 (more information below).

Your results will be different per team, because this virus is not on Google. You may refer to it as Pilot Coli (PC-2070).


First Place: Sidrah Siddiqui, Esha Natu, Aalmin Kadiwal, and Berika Bodur

Second Place: Angeline Philips, Zayaan Khan, Krishnapriya Singh, and Nikola Susie

Third Place:  Zakia Irfan, Emma Isherwood, Tasnim Tarannum, and Ilana Saidov

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