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The year is 2043. Neurologists have discovered a new, progressive neurodegenerative condition that has put the world on notice. It is your job to devise a solution to approaching such a disease and mitigate its effects. 

You may only consider the information stated below when creating your solution. Your solution may be a biochemical, biomedical, engineering, public health, or political/legal solution. You can build off of current research and knowledge of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, for this disease is similar in nature to Lewy Body Dementia, which gives way to both (more information below).

Your results will be different per team, because this condition is not on Google. You may refer to it as Mochado’s Disease. 


First Place: Jaman Mahamud, Gisselle Reyes, and Mahima Bhat

Second Place: Adesewa Adesina and Evonna Chisom

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