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Researching and Writing

Summer Seminar Series

The Summer Seminar Series will help you analyze medical research studies and develop valuable skills for practicing evidence-based medicine! 


The Summer Seminar Series will be centered around one article, "Tympanostomy Tubes or Medical Management for Recurrent Acute Otitis Media" in the New England Journal of Medicine. 

In order to earn credit, you must watch all five sessions that will be presented as well as take the quiz that will be released upon the completion of the final seminar in the series. More details about the dates are below! 

Quiz Closed

Seminar Agenda

June 15th

Why is Journal Club important?

Who is doing the study, writing the study, funding the study? When was it done? What is the historical timeline of this research topic 

What is the study? 

Dissection Lab
Part 1:

What is the story telling us? 

Dissection Lab
Part 2: 

August 15th

How do the results fit into the big picture? 

Conclusions and Implications 

July 1st

July 15th

August 1st

August 15th Seminar


Past Sessions

June 15th Seminar
The Premed Scene.png
July 15th Seminar
The Premed Scene (1).png
July 1st Seminar
The Premed Scene-2.png
August 1st Seminar
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