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Darian Dozier: Volunteering, Resumes, and CVs

Darian Dozier is a third-year medical student from Overland Park, Kansas. In 2018, she received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Tulsa and received a minor in Spanish. Currently, she is a third-year medical student at Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and also the owner of the blog Melanated and Meducated, where she writes about getting into medical school and being a medical student. Outside of medical school, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and she's a huge fan of brunch! Traveling is also a very fun hobby of hers, with her favorite destination being the beach. Mentorship drives her, and she loves helping students reach their dreams, especially when they are pursuing the same field as herself. Eventually, she would like to expand my blog into a non-profit that helps minority students from all over the country get into medical school and increase the diversity in medicine. 


In this video, Darian talks about volunteering, the different types of volunteering experience you need, how to acquire volunteering experiences, what to gain from it, and how to approach the end of your volunteering term.


In this video, Darian talks about the importance of a resume, what sections you should have to be a stronger applicant, and how to fill and format these sections in order to optimize what you've learned so far. 

Simplified Transcript

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