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Antibodies Combatting COVID-19 Discovered in Israel

This month, Israeli scientists, led by Dr. Freund at Tel Aviv University, identified two antibodies that can fight COVID-19 strains, including Omicron and Delta. The two antibodies discovered can provide the same level of protection from COVID strains as the booster shots, making booster vaccines potentially unnecessary in the future. Dr. Freund explained that providing antibodies is necessary to prevent the spread of the viral infection at its early stages and mitigate the severity of its effects. Thus, using the antibody treatment could prevent an individual from having to receive a booster shot when a new variant is discovered.

The success of the antibody treatment stemmed from its ability to bind to a different part of the COVID spike protein, unlike traditional vaccines. By sequencing B immune system cells, Dr. Freund was able to isolate nine antibodies that individuals who previously recovered from COVID produced. Freund then tested each antibody against every variant and discovered the two that were most effective. The first antibody discovered, TAU-1109, was 92% effective at neutralizing Omicron and 90% effective at neutralizing the Delta strain. The second antibody, TAU-2310, neutralized Omicron by 84% and Delta by 97%.

After additional research studies were conducted, Freund concluded that the antibodies could provide strong protection from COVID following recovery. Thus, she is hoping to create artificially-boosting antibodies for immunity since antibody level decreases after three months. This discovery may be the key to preventing reinfection of COVID-19, especially after multiple vaccinations.

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-Ilana Saidov


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