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The Ongoing Pandemic

COVID-19 has continually disrupted our lives, some more than others.  In the previous post on this topic, we discussed the history of the coronavirus, the science behind COVID-19, and what to do to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Today we will talk about the impact that the virus is having in our current society. There has been a dilemma between balancing the amount of safety and precautionary measures to take and with reopening the economy so people can go back to their original livelihood. Due to the unpredictable nature the virus has, determining a correct balance between precautionary measures and reopening the economy is essentially impossible to determine. Only predictions on what are the best actions to take in which areas can be done at the moment. This is frustrating in the current fast-paced world in which we live, where people want things done as efficiently and fast as possible. In Texas, the amount of COVID-19 cases has unfortunately been significantly rising due to the early reopening of the state due to predictions that the reopening wouldn’t significantly harm the health of the people. However, even expert predictions can go wrong as what occured in Texas. Now the state is considering the possibility of temporarily closing the economy again until the number of COVID-19 cases can be stabilized. This is why wearing masks is significant in flattening the curve in order to make sure that the country can go back to normal sooner than later. The bottom line being, wear your masks if you want life to go back to normal!!


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