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Madeline Bright: Research

Madeline Bright graduated from UC Davis as a University Medalist with a major in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. Her passion for research started at the David Lab where she performed organic synthesis research for three and a half years. She is now a clinical research coordinator at the Stanford Cancer Institute in the Breast Oncology Group for her gap year to learn more about translational research and will be starting as an MS1 this fall as an MD/PhD Candidate. 

Introduction to Research

In this video, Madeline will be going over the importance of research as a premedical student, what valuable skills research teaches you, what types of research students get involved in and how to get involved in a research lab. 

Getting Involved in Research

The second video goes more in depth on how to choose your research lab. This involves interviewing at the lab, factors to consider, such as the demand and the hours, and lastly how to make the most of your research experience. 

Simplified Transcript

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