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Being a premed during the pandemic

Life as a premed can be really stressful! You are constantly trying to find new activities to participate in and looking for ways to make yourself stand out in an extremely competitive and talented pool of applicants. All this while working towards maintaining a high GPA in some of the toughest college courses! In the light of COVID-19, premeds have had many opportunities canceled and have been scrambling to find remote opportunities. Together we will embark on this journey and work together as premeds! Although a lot of traditional events have been canceled due to COVID-19, there’s a lot of virtual opportunities that have opened up. The new Virtual Shadowing program at allows students to gain valuable shadowing hours for their applications while learning more about medical school admissions and the life of working in the medical field. In addition, Lenox Hill Hospital of the Netflix series Lenox Hill is offering its Neurosurgery Seminar Series. Although their virtual internship program is now full, the seminar series gives a great depth on knowledge and information like their traditional internship. During this time many companies are also hiring students to perform remote clerical tasks. Although it may seem hard to find opportunities, don’t have your hopes down premeds, there’s always something out there! Don’t be shy, and reach out to people you know! If you don’t know anyone, Google is your best friend, send out emails to people that you believe could be of help, many are excited to help students out during this time!


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