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Hello everyone! I hope you’re all safe and well. Here are some resources that I have utilized to gain research, volunteering, and shadowing experience remotely! I hope this list encourages you to seek opportunities even though in-person settings are not friendly at the moment. Please remember that social distancing and wearing masks during this time demonstrates your respect for others and a sense of regard for our community!

Click on the hyperlinks to access the opportunity!

Online Research Opportunities:

  • Contains projects with a focus in natural, social, and behavioral sciences

  • Projects can be done at your own pace

  • Explores a broader range of topics, including humanities and the arts

  • More well-rounded selection of opportunities

Online Volunteering:

  • Collection of worldwide volunteer organizations

  • Require a greater time commitment than citizen science volunteering, but with a rewarding outcome

  • Expands access to the Smithsonian's massive collections

  • Participate in a variety of research programs

  • Certain roles require special knowledge or skill, but many do not

  • Connect with individuals who feel the need to be heard and cared for

  • Volunteer as a “listener” and talk to members through an anonymous chat

  • May reach out to talk about a specific concern

  • Improve your status and earn certificates for volunteer hours

Online Shadowing Opportunities:

  • Hosts virtual shadowing 1-2 hour sessions every Tuesday

  • Registered participants are able to hear the stories of a myriad of professionals specializing in a wide range of fields

  • Interact, ask questions, and receive a certificate for participation after completing a short quiz

  • Subscribe to our website by hitting “Join Us!” and entering your email

  • Updates will be emailed out about shadowing sessions

  • 1-2 hour monthly shadowing sessions

  • 2 Mini Q&As during session and 1 Grand Q&A at the end

  • Take a short quiz, pass, and certificate will be emailed shortly after

There are so many more opportunities available beyond this list alone. I hope to update it periodically as we find more ways to get involved online! Hope this helps you all out!

Thank you for reading.

Stay safe & Take care,



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