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Shikhar Tripathi: Shadowing & MCAT

Shikhar Tripathi is a gold medallist medical student, a young yet acclaimed medical researcher and an author. He has been involved multiple intriguing researches and projects. He is credited with being one of the pioneers in proposing a stern and acceptable hypothesis for the vertical transmission for COVID-19, and was featured by prestigious institutions like Johns Hopkins, Mayo as well as World Health Organization. Shikhar has been actively involved in academic medicine by the way of delivering invited lectures in various conferences. Currently, he continues as a research associate and an extern-student at one of the most prestigious postgraduate medical institutions in India - Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, getting mentored by some of the finest medical minds.


In this video, Shikhar talks about the importance of shadowing, what shadowing entails, and detailed steps on how to attain shadowing experience, such as finding a specialty, contacting the physician, and preparing for the experience. 


In this video, Shikhar talks about what the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) entails, preparation for the exam, post - exam analysis, and further advice on what to do if you happen to retake the exam. 

Simplified Transcript

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