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Humanism in Healthcare

Humanism in Healthcare is a brand new branch of the MEDucate division of The Premed Scene. While it is important for pre-health students to have the tools and resources available to succeed in each step of their journey to medicine, it is vital that our generation remains educated on topics that make this field “human”. 


A physician’s job is not to merely see a patient, provide medications or perform surgery, and send them on their way. Instead, a good physician is a compassionate and open-minded individual who values the importance of respecting individual beliefs, being culturally competent, and establishing a trusting relationship with their team and patients. 

Within this webinar series, we hope to further educate you on topics that have been historically placed on the back burner of trainings, but are in dire need of increased awareness to become a well-rounded healthcare professional. Such topics will include presentations on self-care, mental health, bioethical issues, racial disparities, public health, biases, and stigmas surrounding underserved populations, and more. If you have any topics in mind that you would like to see, or if you would like to hear from certain speakers, please email us at!

Webinar Series

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HIH #1: Self-Care & Reframing 

Meet Dr. Antoinette Pusateri, a second - year fellow physician in Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Dr. Pusateri will be talking about ten things any pre - medical student should know. 

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HIH #2: Bioethical Approach to Med

Meet Dr. Martin Fitzgerald, a professor with the Center for Bioethics at The Ohio State University who got his PhD from Saint Louis University for joint philosophy and healthcare ethics.

Dr. Fitzgerald will be talking about the bioethical approach to medicine. 

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HIH #3: Avoiding Burnout

Meet Charlie Abiezzi, a graduate from UC Berkeley, who is now currently a fourth-year medical student at the A.T Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine.

Charlie will be talking about to how avoid burnout when in medical school. 


HIH #4: Stereotypes & Disability Studies

Meet Sabrina Durso, Lauren Chivington, and Luke Van Niel, PhD students at The Ohio State University.

Sabrina, Lauren, and Luke will be talking about the stereotypes, disability studies, and patient-provider communications.

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HIH #5: Providing Care and Compassion

Meet the Health, Wellness, & Safety Committee at The Ohio State University.

Sabrina, Luke, Blue, and Rachel will be talking about providing proper care and compassion for your patients.

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