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Are You Ready To Apply?

Attention pre-med students: the 2024 application cycle is upon us! If you plan to apply this cycle or will apply in the future, make sure you have completed this pre-med checklist. There are many components to a medical school application. While you may have heard of having to write a personal statement or taking the MCAT, there are more components to the application than you may have initially believed. Therefore, I have compiled a general checklist for preparing for the application season.

Key Components of the Medical School Application

  • Completed Prerequisites

  • Upwards GPA Trend

  • MCAT Exam

  • CASPer Exam

  • Personal Statement

  • Recommendation Letters

  • Committee Letter

  • Secondary Essays

  • Extracurriculars - Medical and Non-Medical

    • Shadowing

    • Volunteering / Community service

    • Research

    • Clinical Experience

    • Leadership

    • Awards / Honors

    • Athletics

    • Tutoring / Teaching Assistant

    • Publications

  • Medical School List

Important AMCAS Dates for the 2024 cycle:

AMCAS Application Opens: May 2, 2023

AMCAS Application Submission: May 30, 2023

Application data transmission to medical schools: June 30, 2023

Best of luck to all the pre-meds applying this cycle!

Thank you for reading,

Ilana Saidov


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